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Grammarly Database

Annual Reviews - Biochem.,  Microbiol.,  Phy. Chem.& Plant Biology 2008 volumes

Questel /Orbit (contact library staff for login/password)

Annual Reviews Archives (All Sections) 1932- 1998

SciFinder (For login/password contact library staff)

Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Second Edition

Derwent Innovation  (contact library staff for login/password)

Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry updated 2011

Web of Science 1956+ through NKRC Consortium

Encyclopedia of Polymer Sci. & Tech. updated 2011


Fieser and Fieser's Reagents for Org. Syntheses updated 2011



Kirk Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology updated 2011

CA on CD (upto 2011)

Methods in Enzymology 1955-2012

Digitized Journals

Organic Reactions 2011

India Patents (upto 2011)

Polymer Science: A Comprehensive Reference.


RSC E Books  1968-2011


Springer E-Books Chem & Mat Sci 2005-2012


Springer E-books Biomedical/Life Science 2008


Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry updated 2011

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CSIR Consortium Publishers list


CSIR Consortium Journals Title Search


CA on WEB 1997-2012


NUCSSI (National Union Catalogue)