Library Rules


Borrowing Facilities:               

Who are Library Members?

All the regular staff members, research students and temporary project staff can access the library. Magnetic ID cards  issued to all members by Administrative Officer,  NCL  are activated by Library  for Library membership.                                                

Library hours:

 Monday  -  Friday  : 9.00am- 5.30pm

Issuing of books / journals remain closed after office hours. Outsiders are not allowed entry to the library after office hours and on holidays.

NCL Library remains closed on all Saturday/Sundays as well as on all official holidays.

Who can borrow ?

All the regular staff members, research students, temporary project staff can borrow books and bound volumes.

What can be borrowed ?

You are welcome to borrow all documents except those in the Reference Collection such as Reference Books and those marked as 'NOT TO BE ISSUED'.

Theses of NCL students cannot be issued out.

SRI Reports and loose issues of periodicals are not issued out.

How long can items be borrowed ?

The standard loan period is 30 days for books. Journals (bound / loose ) can not be issued.

How many items you can borrow ?

Member categories: Staff upto the level of Sci. A, SSA, JRF, SRF, RA and temporary  project staff  4  documents

All others :  12 documents

How to borrow from the Library ?

Please have your ID Card ready with you when you bring the documents you want to borrow to the issue counter.  Without ID Card no documents will be issued..  All issue records are electronically maintained, Responsibility of all documents issued on the card rests with the cardholder. Do not lend your ID cards to others for library use.

How and when to return / renew ?

Due date is stamped on the last page of the document on date slip. The document should be returned at  the issue counter on or before this date.

If the document you have borrowed has no claims, you can renew the same for further period of fifteen days. Single extension can also be performed from your PC. Maximum nine renewals are allowed for a book

What happens when an item is overdue ?

NCL Library borrowing system exists to ensure that all Library users have fair and equal access to materials and resources.

Borrowers who do not return documents by the due date,  cause inconvenience to users and deny them access to the material they need.  Hence care should be taken by every member to return /renew the documents on the specified due date.

You can reserve a document electronically, if it is not available in the library at the time you need it. Go to the web catalog and simply click the button RESERVE and enter your ID to put your claim.

The reserved document will be kept aside for two days from the date of return of the document and you will be sent an intimation by an E-mail / print. If you fail to collect, within the stipulated period you will lose your claim.  You will be allowed maximum four or twelve claims depending upon your member category.            

What to do when a book is lost or damaged or pages missing ?

When a book  issued on your name is lost please notify library staff as soon as possible.  You may be charged a replacement fee which includes actual cost of the document +50% handling charges. Alternatively you can purchase the document and give it to the Library.

Please fill in the suggestion slip kept at the counter for the document you find missing from the collection. Also please mention the status you come across.

Drop the suggestion slip in the suggestion box. Library staff will then take care of your requirement. They will verify  the status and inform you accordingly.

Guidelines for the use of the Library:

  • Please enter the library using your own ID Card
  • Issue counter timings:  9-30am –12.30pm & 2.00pm-5.00pm (on working days only)
  • Personal documents & documents  issued on your name will be allowed to be taken  inside  the library only with the written permission of Library staff /volunteer on duty.
  • ID card should be shown as and when requested by Library staff / volunteer on duty. Failure to do so may mean loss of library user privileges.
  • Please REPLACE  loose issues of journals, CA and bound volumes after use. 
  • Please inform the Library staff if you wish to bring guest or visitors for library use.