Thesis by Year

Title Author Guide University Month Year Organization AccNo Division Type FullText
Naturally occuring flavones and related synthetical experiments Telang, S. A. Venkataraman, K. University of Bombay August 1961 CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune TH169 Organic Chemistry Division Ph.D.
Studies in synthetic and natural ester-type lubricants identification and estimation of some constituents of Indian vegetable oils Pathak, K. D. Shah, R. C. University of Bombay January 1961 CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Poona TH782 Organic Chemistry Division Ph.D.
Synthesis of condensed thiophenes Murthy, T. S. Tilak, B. D. University of Bombay October 1961 University of Bombay TH554 Organic Chemistry Division Ph.D.