Thesis by Year

Title Author Guide University Month Year Organization AccNo Division Type FullText
Antitubercular and antibacterial agents Paranjape, M. R. Tilak, B. D. University of Bombay November 1954 University of Bombay TH173 Other M.Sc.
Desulphurization of certain sulphur containing intermediates and dyes Kao, G. N. Tilak, B. D. University of Bombay July 1954 University of Bombay TH183 Other Ph.D.
Structure of long chain organic materials deposited on crystalline and amorphous substrates Midgley, J. W. Finch, G. I. University of London January 1954 CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune TH329 Physical and Materials Chemistry Division M.Sc.
Study of the growth and structure of layers of oxides, sulfides and related compounds with spacial reference to the effect of temperature Sinha, A. P. B. Wilman, H. University of London April 1954 Imperial College London TH297 Other Ph.D.
Synthesis of β-amino, αβ-unstureted and BIS-(aminoaryl) sulphones Balasubramanian, M. Balish, V. Annamalai University March 1954 Annamalai University TH800 Organic Chemistry Division Ph.D.