Thesis by Year

Title Author Guide University Month Year Organization AccNo Division Type FullText
Benzanthrone derivatives Pandit, P. N. Venkataraman, K. University of Bombay January 1952 University of Bombay TH194 Organic Chemistry Division Ph.D.
Crystal growth in the chemical displacement of metals Khan, M. S. A. Finch, G. I. University of London November 1952 Imperial College London TH289 Other Ph.D.
Epitaxial crystal growth and force field distribution at single crystal surfaces Levy, M. Finch, G. I. University of London August 1952 Imperial College London TH314 Other Ph.D.
Kinetics of Pulping aspen wood with sodium sulfite solutions Doraiswamy, L. K. McGovern, J. N. January 1952 University of Wisconsin TH151 Chemical Engineering and Process Development Division Ph.D.