Thesis by Year

Title Author Guide University Month Year Organization AccNo Division Type FullText
Carbazole derivatives Krishna, H. J. V. Venkataraman, K. University of Bombay July 1949 University of Bombay TH186 Organic Chemistry Division M.Sc.
Design and construction of an electron microscope and its application in the examination of epitexial overgrowth Challice, C. E. Finch, G. I. University of London June 1949 Imperial College London TH285 Other Diploma
New electron microscope and its use in the study of abbrivation and polish Brown, J. F. Finch, G. I. University of London July 1949 Imperial College London TH277 Other Diploma
Studies in cashew-nut shell liquid Gokhale, A. A. Kane, J. G. University of Bombay February 1949 University of Bombay TH182 Organic Chemistry Division M.Sc.
Synthetical experiments in the flavone and the isoflavone series Iyer, R. N. Venkataraman, K. University of Bombay August 1949 University of Bombay TH185 Organic Chemistry Division Ph.D.