Shape-controlled nanostructured MoO3/CeO2 catalysts for selective cyclohexene epoxidation

TitleShape-controlled nanostructured MoO3/CeO2 catalysts for selective cyclohexene epoxidation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsSudarsanam, P, Singh, N, Kalbande, PNarayan
JournalCatalysis Communications
Date PublishedAPR
Type of ArticleArticle
KeywordsCeO2 nanocubes, CeO2 shapes, Nanosized MoOx/CeO2 catalyst, Selective epoxidation, Structure-activity properties

This study reported a vital role of CeO2 shape on the structure-activity properties of MoOx/CeO2 catalysts for cyclohexene epoxidation. Uniform dispersion of MoOx on the surface of shape-controlled CeO2 nanocubes (average particle size: 23.5 nm) and nanorods (average width: 6.3 nm and length: 15-95 nm) was found in MoOx/CeO2 nanomaterials. The MoOx/CeO2 nanocubes showed higher epoxide selectivity (97.3%) with 98.9% cyclohexene conversion, although it has lower BET surface area (30.2 m(2)/g) compared with MoOx/CeO2 nanorods (72.8 m(2)/g). The presence of more electropositive Mo6+ species and the strong Mo-Ce interaction led to improved catalytic efficacy of MoOx/CeO2 nanocubes in cyclohexene epoxidation.

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Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry
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