Microwave-assisted selective N-alkylation of aniline over molybdenum supported catalyst

TitleMicrowave-assisted selective N-alkylation of aniline over molybdenum supported catalyst
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsBhatkar, A, Mane, S, Mekala, SPrasad, Gogoi, P, Mohapatra, G, Ramakrishnan, A, Marimuthu, P, Thirumalaiswamy, R
JournalCatalysis Communications
Date PublishedAUG
Type of ArticleArticle

Selective N-alkylation of aniline is a tough and challenging reaction due to over alkylation, therefore, catalyst with specific characteristics is needed to accomplish such transformations. In this work, a series of catalysts with molybdenum supported on alumina are prepared and subjected to various reaction conditions, out of which 30 PMA (Phosphomolybdic acid) showed the best result due to its proper combination of acidic sites. This reaction is sustainable and environmentally friendly as it is carried out with methanol as an alkylating source in the presence of microwave radiation at low temperature. The reaction data was compared with various other reactor systems too.

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Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry
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