MgCl2 center dot 6CH(3)OH: a simple molecular adduct and its influence as a porous support for olefin polymerization

TitleMgCl2 center dot 6CH(3)OH: a simple molecular adduct and its influence as a porous support for olefin polymerization
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsGnanakumar, ES, Gowda, RR, Kunjir, S, Ajithkumar, TG, Rajamohanan, PR, Chakraborty, D, Gopinath, CS
JournalACS Catalysis
Date PublishedMAR
Keywordsheterogeneous catalysis, MgCl2, Molecular adduct, olefin polymerization, Ziegler-Natta catalyst

A single phase molecular adduct, MgCl2 center dot 6CH(3)OH has been synthesized using MgCl2 and the simplest alcohol, methanol. Structural, spectroscopic, and morphological studies have been carried out for a better understanding of the single phase MgCl2 center dot 6CH(3)OH adduct. C-13 CPMAS solid state NMR studies show all six methanol molecules are magnetically equivalent and present in a single environment around the Mg2+ center. Raman spectral analysis of the characteristic peak at 708 cm(-1) substantiates octahedral coordination of six CH3OH molecules around Mg2+. Solid state C-13 NMR measurements, made after heat treatment at different temperatures, have been utilized to understand the variations in CH3OH stoichiometry and coordination around Mg2+ with temperature. A titanated active catalyst, TiCl4 on MgCl2 center dot 6CH(3)OH, has also been synthesized and subjected to detailed characterizations. The active catalyst shows high surface area (102 m(2)/g) and mesoporosity. The titanated catalyst has been screened for ethylene polymerization reactions using different cocatalysts (R3Al; R= -CH3, -CH2CH3, and -CH2CH(CH3)(2)). A total of 7.25 kg of polyethylene per gram of catalyst has been obtained with Me3Al cocatalyst, which is six times higher in activity compared with commercial Me3Al/TiCl4/MgCl2 center dot 6EtOH-supported orted catalystAlthough porosity influences the catalytic activity, other factors also seem to contribute to the total catalytic activity.

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