Enhanced field-emission behavior of layered MoS2 sheets

TitleEnhanced field-emission behavior of layered MoS2 sheets
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsKashid, RV, Late, DJ, Chou, SS, Huang, Y-K, De, M, Joag, DS, More, MA, Dravid, VP
Date PublishedAUG
AbstractField emission studies are reported for the first time on layered MoS2 sheets at the base pressure of approximate to 1 x 10(-8) mbar. The turn-on field required to draw a field emission current density of 10 A/cm(2) is found to be 3.5 V/m for MoS2 sheets. The turn-on values are found to be significantly lower than the reported MoS2 nanoflowers, graphene, and carbon nanotube-based field emitters due to the high field enhancement factor (approximate to 1138) associated with nanometric sharp edges of MoS2 sheet emitter surface. The emission current-time plots show good stability over a period of 3 h. Owing to the low turn-on field and planar (sheetlike) structure, the MoS2 could be utilized for future vacuum microelectronics/nanoelectronic and flat panel display applications.
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Physical and Materials Chemistry