Enhanced anisole hydroxylation over a hierarchical micro/mesoporous TS-1 catalyst

TitleEnhanced anisole hydroxylation over a hierarchical micro/mesoporous TS-1 catalyst
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsPatil, CR, Niphadkar, P, Kamble, SP, V. Rode, C
JournalNew Journal of Chemistry
Date PublishedAUG
Type of ArticleArticle

Hierarchical TS-1 materials were synthesized using hydrothermal synthesis and a post modification technique through desilication. They were evaluated for hydroxylation of anisole to produce industrially important chemicals, o-methoxyphenol (OMP) and p-methoxyphenol (PMP). The detailed characterization of the prepared catalysts, such as morphology, structure, nature of Ti and surface area were obtained by SEM, HR-TEM, XRD, UV-VIS spectroscopy and the BET technique. The effects of various operational parameters such as substrate/H2O2 molar ratio, reaction temperature, catalyst concentration and solvent effect on the hydroxylation of anisole have been studied in detail. The microporous TS-1 catalyst showed 32% anisole conversion with 34% selectivity to PMP, while the micro/mesoporous DTS-1 catalyst showed enhanced activity for anisole hydroxylation, i.e. 54% conversion with 55% selectivity towards PMP. The increased framework Ti and improved accessibility of the active sites located in the channels of DTS-1, which permit the mass transfer of reactants, transition states and products from the mesopores of DTS-1, were responsible for the enhanced catalytic activity and selectivity towards p-methoxyphenol.

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