COVID-19 associated mucormycosis: evolving technologies for early and rapid diagnosis

TitleCOVID-19 associated mucormycosis: evolving technologies for early and rapid diagnosis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsSamson, R, Dharne, M
Journal3 Biotech
Date PublishedJAN
Type of ArticleReview
KeywordsBiosensors, COVID-19, Diagnostics, Mucormycosis, Probiotics
AbstractThe post-coronavirus disease (COVID-19) mucormycosis is a deadly addition to the pandemic spectrum. Although it's a rare, aggressive, and opportunistic disease, the associated morbidity and mortality are significant. The complex interplay of factors aggravating CAM is uncontrolled diabetes, irrational and excessive use of antibiotics, steroids, and an impaired immune system. Recently, India has been witnessing a rapid surge in the cases of coronavirus disease-associated mucormycosis (CAM), since the second wave of COVID-19. The devastating and lethal implications of CAM had now become a matter of global attention. A delayed diagnosis is often associated with a poor prognosis. Therefore, the rapid and early diagnosis of infection would be life-saving. Prevention and effective management of mucormycosis depend upon its early and accurate diagnosis followed by a multimodal therapeutic approach. The current review summarizes an array of detection methods and highlights certain evolving technologies for early and rapid diagnosis of CAM. Furthermore, several potential management strategies have also been discussed, which would aid in tackling the neglected yet fatal crisis of mucormycosis associated with COVID-19.
Type of Journal (Indian or Foreign)Foreign
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Biochemical Sciences

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