Comparison of racemic epi-inosose and (-)-epi-inosose

TitleComparison of racemic epi-inosose and (-)-epi-inosose
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsKrishnaswamy, S, Patil, MT, Shashidhar, MS
JournalACTA Crystallographica Section C-Crystal Structure Communications
Date PublishedNOV

The conversion of myo-inositol to epi-inositol can be achieved by the hydride reduction of an intermediate epi-inosose derived from myo-inositol. (-)-epi-Inosose, (I), crystallized in the monoclinic space group P2(1), with two independent molecules in the asymmetric unit [Hosomi et al. (2000). Acta Cryst. C56, e584-e585]. On the other hand, (2RS,3SR,5SR,6SR)epi-inosose, C6H10O6, (II), crystallized in the orthorhombic space group Pca2(1). Interestingly, the conformation of the molecules in the two structures is nearly the same, the only difference being the orientation of the C-3 and C-4 hydroxy H atoms. As a result, the molecular organization achieved mainly through strong O-H center dot center dot center dot O hydrogen bonding in the racemic and homochiral lattices is similar. The compound also follows Wallach's rule, in that the racemic crystals are denser than the optically active form.

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