Alkylation of anisole with 1-hexene and 1-hexanol over zeolite H-beta

TitleAlkylation of anisole with 1-hexene and 1-hexanol over zeolite H-beta
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsSurse, PV, Wagholikar, S, Mayadevi, S, Sivasanker, S
JournalReaction Kinetics Mechanisms and Catalysis
Date PublishedAUG
KeywordsAlkylation, Anisole, H-beta, Hexene, Hexyl alcohol

An examination of the kinetics of the alkylation of anisole with 1-hexene and 1-hexanol to produce alkylates over zeolite H-beta is presented. Anisole alkylation is found to occur by a set of parallel reactions when hexene is used as the alkylating agent. When hexyl alcohol is the alkylating agent, the reaction follows a multi-step parallel-series mechanism to form monoalkylates and dihexylether. With 1-hexene, a group of isomeric alkylates, viz., ortho-2-hexyl anisole (2-OHA), ortho-3-hexyl anisole (3-OHA), para-2-hexyl anisole (2-PHA), and para-3-hexyl anisole (3-PHA) was obtained. With hexanol, the olefin (hexene) and dihexyl ether were obtained additionally. The influence of process parameters like temperature, catalyst quantity, and alkylating agent on reaction behavior is reported.

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Chemical Engineering & Process Development